3 Ideas for an Organized Shared Closet

With two wardrobes and potentially two different organizing styles, keeping a shared closet organized can be challenging. With a little team effort and a bit of smart planning you can make keeping things in order a breeze. Here are three ways to achieve an organized and harmonious shared closet.

  1. Divide and Conquer. Divide your space into two zones, one for each of you, to avoid the chaos a mixed-up wardrobe can create. This will also allow you to each have your own unique organizing style. Maybe you like to organize shirts by color, while your partner organizes shirts by sleeve length; with a divided closet you can each organize to your personal taste.
  2. Design with Sharing in Mind. Keep each person’s needs in mind when designing your shared space. Plan for plenty of tall hanging storage space if one of you has a lot of long dresses or coats. For the man with many ties and belts, give him pullout racks to keep items separated and organized. If you love shoes, include a tall vertical tower with adjustable shelves designated for each of you.
  3. Organize Together. Take time at least twice a year to sort through your closet together and decide what to keep, donate, or toss. Doing this task together will keep you both on track and maintain your beautifully organized space.