Designing for Your Day: 4 Tips for an Organized Closet

There are some days when getting ready in the morning is a downright hassle, from waking up late to being unable to find the shirt you had planned on wearing. Luckily, smart organization can put a stop to these early morning hiccups and allow you to start the day on the right foot.

Being organized is all about having a system, and a system starts with good design. The closet is where you begin and end your day and it should have a design that flows with your routine. Here are four tips for a closet design with your daily routine in mind.

  1. Take stock of your frequently worn items and place them front and center. Double hanging rods will give you more than enough space for your everyday clothes and will act as the main hub when you’re choosing an outfit. You can also include belt and tie racks in this space to make outfit planning even easier.
  2. Place a hutch next to or in between the double hanging sections. The hutch’s drawers and shelves will allow you to easily reach for undergarments and folded items as you select your outfit. A centrally-located hutch is also a great way to naturally divide a shared closet.
  3. As you move outwards in your closet, add a long hanging section for less frequently worn items like suits and formal dresses. Use the outer edge or corners of your closet for the long hanging to save the better, more central real estate for items that are used more often.
  4. Place shoe shelves near the door/front of your closet for a logical on/off section. Shoes are usually the last part of an outfit but the first thing to come off at the end of the day, so give yourself an easy area to put them away.

Having an efficient closet is easy when every section has its own purpose and was created with thoughtful design. Your routine is unique to you, so keep what matters most to you in mind as you design your closet. A custom closet is the most custom when it’s designed with your habits in mind!