3 Questions for Design and Space Planning

When it comes to home organization, a little insight and advanced planning can go a long way. Taking on the total organization of your closet, pantry, entryway, garage, or other space can seem like a daunting task, but starting these projects with a plan will help make things run smoothly.  If you’re thinking of adding an organizing system to your home, here are three questions to ask yourself about your space.

What Isn’t Working?

Evaluate each space you want to reorganize and ask yourself what is it about the space that isn’t working about its current design. Once you answer this question, it’ll be easy to identify what it needs to be more efficient and will allow you to incorporate that into the design of your storage solution.

Who Will use the Space Most Often?

A well-designed space should be designed with its most frequent users in mind. For example, adults may have a preference for their space, but if they’re sharing it with a partner they’ll have to be flexible about the design. Children who are still learning how to be organized need a space that will change with them as they grow and develop new needs. A well-designed organizing system will be designed with these users in mind so that the space works intuitively for them.

How Do You Want This to Change Your Life?

Personalize your goals and fine tune how committed you are to getting these projects done. Design the space with a long-term view in mind so you can be flexible if your needs or budget change down the road. Knowing how you want your organizing solutions to change your life will give you a perfect road map for organizing success!