How to Create Extra Storage in Your Home

Even the most well-organized home could use a little extra storage space. It may seem like you’ve used every inch of space in your home, but with a little bit of smart rearranging you can create area for storage. Here are a few tips to maximize the space you have for even more storage:

  • Pantry: Designate specific drawers and shelves for certain items and group like items together. Pull-out wire baskets are great for efficient pantry storage and allow you to see what items are inside.
  • Entryway: Instead of hanging scarves and hats, store them in bins or a storage bench. This frees up hooks for items better suited for hanging, like coats, jackets, and bags.
  • Bedroom: Make the most out of closet space by using both the height and width to its fullest potential. Install hanging rods at multiple levels to maximize vertical space; extend shelves all the way to the sides to take advantage of width and create more space for shoes and other shelved items.
  • Garage: Use the walls of your garage to make more space for storage while freeing up floor space. An organizing system hung on the walls can be used for storing coats, lawn equipment, gardening supplies, and more.
  • Laundry: Make the space above your washer and dryer work harder by installing shelves and cabinets in that upper space.

Creating extra storage space in your home is easy; just a few small changes can do wonders for the storage potential in your home!