Small Closet Advice: Create More Space with These 3 Tips

Small closets can be a treasure trove of unused storage space – all it takes is the right design! You can make the most of every inch of space in a smaller closet by incorporating smart design. Maximize the storage potential of your space with these three tips:

  1. Use vertical space to make up for a small closet’s lack of width. Instead of just one rod for hanging, use double hanging to gain twice as much room. Staggering the hanging rods can also give you space for long hanging items like dresses.
  2. Add shelves above the hanging rods for folded clothes, boxes, and other stackable items. Adjustable shelves allow you to easily modify your closet as needed.
  3. Don’t ignore the sides of your closet. This often-overlooked space is great for installing belt and tie racks along your closet’s vertical panels. These will hold multiple items but won’t take away any space from your hanging or shelves.

Don’t let a lack of square footage keep you from a beautifully organized closet. Incorporate these tips for smart small closet design and you’ll be on your way to a roomier, more organized space.